*This website was constructed to display pictures of my tour of duty in Vinh Long, Vietnam.  I was a  member of the 28th Avionics Signal Detachment in 1966-67.  We, the 28th/96th Signal Detachment, were part of the 13th Aviation Battalion, 1st Aviation Brigade.  Both Signal Detachments worked out of the same repair shop next to the aircraft maintenance hangar.  We supported the avionics needs of the 175th Outlaws (formerly 502nd) and 114th Knights  Air Mobile Assault Helicopter Companies at the Vinh Long Installation and in the field in and around the Mekong Delta, Vietnam.

Thanks, David Eastman (Aviator: Outlaw 23-24, Author: “Outlaws in Vietnam”) for adding great comments to my pictures--It brought them to life, and your book put pieces together. Now I know  Tay Ninh Mountain (Nui Ba Dinh) or Black Virgin Mountain.  Also, I loved the chapters on Tay Ninh.  I always had the memories, but fading.  Your book brought them back as reality. It’s USA-Vinh Long, Vietnam history (1966-67) and you recorded it. (Dave's book) He also has a new web site

This website is always under construction and, hopefully, I will have many more pictures to view.  I have about 300 to pick from, and need to convert slides to digital format, so it takes some effort.  I found a good Canon scanner, but It only does 4 slides at a time. 

Don't remember a lot of these people and places, so if anyone would like to contribute information please email me, leave a message in the guest book, or coment on the picture.  Also, some of the information may be incorrect.  Let me know.  After all, it's been a long time. 

Now that this web site has been up for 24 months its starting to grow, now about 431 photos. Some people have asked if they can share their pictures. The answer is yes. Please email me with any questions you may have. --Thanks Ray

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