Operation Attleboro, Tay Ninh, RVN January 1967


Operation Attleboro Tah Ninh January 3 1967 Black Virgin MountainJanuary 4 1967

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2 Responses to Operation Attleboro, Tay Ninh, RVN January 1967

  1. Ray says:

    this is a comment

  2. Ray says:

    Operation Attleboro or Junction City
    I’m totally confused. maybe someone can put the puzzle together. For the past five years I have 24 pictures posted on my Vinh Long Picture Gallery showing what I think is Operation Attleburough (correct spelling Attleboro) I remember being there about 4 or 5 days supporting the 175th Outlaws AHC in support of the 196th Light Infantry Brigade grunts and transporting them up to the Black Virgin Mountain (Nui Ba Den). I flew missions as avionics repairman/door gunner.
    I can remember spending the first night in Tay Ninh at the club celebrating New Years eve 1967. I was very said being away from my friends in Vinh Long but the entertainment was great and my new friends and I had a great time. The mess hall got rocketed the the previous evening which made me a little uneasy, where would I get breakfast tomorrow.

    Here’s the problem. From what I have been reading Operation Attleboro commenced in October 1966 and Operation Junction City started January 7 1967. So I could not have beer there for Attleboro. It must have been Opteration Junction City. There are lots of comments in the Attleboro picture gallery. Here is a few of the groups leaving comments, 588th Combat Engineers, 175th AHC, Outlaw 26,19, 196th Light Infantry Brigade, 9th Infantry Div, Some people think the pictures were taken at the “French Fort” or is it Michlian rubber plantation? Please help, I think there is a enough information in the picture comments to make an accurate analysis as to ATTLEBOBO OR JUNCTION CITY.

    I must say Tay Ninh was a memorable experience, I even got lost once on the compound and shared a few San Migul beers with some Philippine Rangers located in the west end of the compound. Their sand bag bunkers were built below ground and kept the beer cold from the hot Tay Ninh sun.
    Thanks you for any comments left in the blog.

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