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David Eastman: Aviator, Outlaw 23,24 and others for adding great comments to the pictures--It brought them to life, and your book put the pieces together. Now I know  Tay Ninh Mountain (Nui Ba Dinh) or Black Virgin Mountain.  Also, I loved the chapters on Tay Ninh.  I always have the memories of Tay Ninh, but fading.  Your book brought them back as reality. Your book is about Vinh Long Army Airfield , Vietnam history (1966-67) and you recorded it. (purchase Dave's book)   Dave's book tells stories about Vietnam IV Corps and the  "Outlaws and Knights in Vietnam".

Thanks Dave Eastman for adding comments to photo gallery.

Ron Alcott for pictures and comments on Good Sheperd Nuns galley.

Doug Wilson for adding comments to photo gallery

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Thanks to all for adding comments to my guest book.